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Executive Education, Organizational Alignment, and Stakeholder Engagement

An imperative component of implementing a sustainability-related plan or solution is stakeholder engagement.  Calabrese Consulting can assist in integrating your goals and reported solutions into your operations by engaging and educating leadership, employees, customers, investors, and your community.


In identifying where you want to go, we offer strategic guidance and leadership objectives by establishing desired outcomes and goals; by benchmarking your goals against your current position via a gap assessment, Calabrese consulting will tailor a plan to your company’s needs. 


In assessing our clients’ new operating models, we determine how to implement change and measure the ongoing success of their plans via project governance, planning, design, implanting initiatives and growth streams, scorecards, and measuring benefits and improvements.


Calabrese Consulting is dedicated to providing tailored executive support to deploy enterprise growth, risk management, and profitability in accordance with your objectives.

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